Rock and Roll Oldies and Beach Music

THE IMPACTS are seasoned musicians playing the sounds of the 50ís, 60ís and 70ís. THE IMPACTS include several former members of the legendary beach group, Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five. The instruments used are vintage style, much like what was used in the original recordings, giving an authentic sound.  If you were around in the early days of Rock n Roll, the sound of THE IMPACTS will certainly bring back a lot of great memories; if you were not youíll see first hand the excitement of the great music of that time.  Whether you like British Invasion, American Pop, Motown or Carolina Beach music youíll have a blast with THE IMPACTS.

Our Band Members
(Shown left to right)

Doug Atkins - Rhythm Guitar
David Jones - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Billy Ray Smith - Drums and Lead Vocals
Randy Case - Keyboards, Drums and Vocals
Glenn Joyce - Lead Guitar